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February 2023  ●  Issue #123  ●  SM 8.0.119  ●  AW 3.5.072 / 4.0.072

Upcoming Events

February Webinar

February 16 - 2:00 PM

Karen Rankin, the KOF for Auburn University, will share how they use Express Registration pages for their summer camps and off-campus clients.

Matthew, from ACEware Systems, will cover supplemental data capture templates and how they can enhance your registration process.

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For Registrars

March 8 - 12:00 PM CT

Calling all Registrars! Join us in the ACEware Virtual Café to visit about registration with your fellow ACEware registrars and ACEware reps.

Bring your questions, challenges, favorite tools, and let's talk! Establish connections with other CE professionals who do what you do!

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The New Gift Card Module

Your students can now give the gift of your programs to their family and friends! We just released a new Gift Card module that allows you to purchase gift cards to give others to use to pay for course.

You can purchase a generic gift card to be used by anyone who has the Gift Card Code, or you can purchase one for a specific person. Cards can also be purchased and used on ACEweb.

Read more about the Gift Card module in the Online Help:

Contact your ACEware technician for more information about purchasing the Gift Card module.

ACEweb Course Status Links

We updated the link names to the ACEweb Course Status page on the course record's ACEweb Info tab.

  • Preview ACEweb Course Status Page (Internal Test) - this link is meant for staff to preview the Course Status and Cart pages before publishing the course. For example, when you have the ACEweb Publish Property set to Do NOT Publish, it allows you to see the Course Status page and click the Enroll Yourself button to also view how the course will show on the Cart. This helps you verify if the information, fee structure, supplemental data capture (if using), etc. are correct. IMPORTANT: This link is not meant to be given to customers.

  • Copy Link to Course Status Page (for Students) - this link is meant to be sent to your customers, or posted on your website, so they can view/enroll in the course. It will respect the ACEweb Publish Property setting.

Contributed by Cheryl

ACEware Cloud Development Update

We've been working on finalizing many aspects of the payment system in the cloud product, including refunds and automating the validity check for voiding payments made through BrainTree. More tweaks to the financial settings page means you'll be able to individually set your number of days that a payment is eligible to be refunded or voided.

Also underway are many features both familiar and new with hybrid courses, including having multiple fee types with limits for those courses with both in person and online seats!

Contributed by Jason

ACEware New Goodies

Student Manager

Student Manager 8.0.119, released February 7, 2023:

  • Added Emergency Email Templates, used when sending emergency emails and building specific emergency emails.
  • Updated the course Save routines to audit enrolled/waitlisted counts when the course record is saved and update if necessary.
  • Added a tool to delete unused queries.
  • Created an AddGift() report function to use with the new Gift Card module.
  • Fixed a few bugs and routines.


ACEweb 3.5.072/4.0.072, released by February 7, 2023:

  • Released a new Responsive Web Design Template Set.
  • Staff can send Emergency Emails.
  • Added support for the new Gift Card optional module.
  • Added several enhancements to the Quick Pick module.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

See the full list of features and fixes in our Forums:

Tip of the Month: Characters Used in Codes

You can use these characters in codes (e.g. course codes, grouping codes, interest codes, etc.):

  • Letters [ABC]
  • Numbers [123]
  • Hyphens [-]
  • Undescores [_]
  • Periods [.]

Unless otherwise specified, you cannot use these characters in codes:

  • Spaces [COM 123]
  • Symbols [ , ; : ? ! * / & \ # ~ @ $ % ^ + = < > ' " | ( ) [ ] { } ]


You may use spaces in these codes:

  • Coordinator.
  • Department
  • Fees (Main and Other Fees, Adjustment Fees, Refund Wizard Fees)

You may use apostrophes in theses codes:

  • Location/Building names (e.g. Chuck's Cabin)
  • Location's Campus field.

See the Characters Used in Codes topic in the Online Help for more information about allowed characters.

Contributed by Cheryl

Report of the Month: Gift Card Reports

There are two reports that come with the Gift Card module.

#1 - Gift Cards is a registration Receipt report (Print Receipt button on the registration record) that can be used to print a gift card notice for gift card recipients.

Each gift card purchased is printed on a separate page.

#2 - Unused Gift Cards shows details about any unused gift cards in your system.

Run the report from Reports > Accounting > Gift Cards. You can query on information from the Course, Names, Register, Pay and Gift Card tables.

Contributed by Cheryl

To your continued success,

- Chuck, Sharon, Cheryl, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Stein, and Susan

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