ACEware Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about ACEware products.

"I've grown to love ACEware more and more everyday! We got through our first major conference back in October and the payment system set up in Student Manager was so much easier than what we were using before! Seems like every time I login, I find something new to like."

Jeremy H.
Little Rock, AR

"We so appreciate your enthusiasm, dedication, and endless energy in sharing the various facets of Student Manager and its many capabilities. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our business more intimately and for helping us identify and apply the capabilities of Student Manager to our unique business needs."

Wendy Greenfield, Executive Director

"We love the new look and responsiveness of our ACEweb!"

Utah Valley University

"The only thing better than the ACEware system itself is the group of talented people at ACEware that continuously support our efforts."

Dale Fleming
University of West Georgia

"I am so very pleased with the outcome. It looks great, the colors are perfect. The whole site has a much better 'vibe' and curb appeal."

Kathy Seifert
Director of Community Services Education, Glendale Community College-Garfield Campus

"After going through a major redesign of our program's informational website, we wanted our registration screens to match seamlessly. Our informational website and our registration system are hosted on two different servers using two different vendors and two very different systems, working completely independently. It was very important to us that our users wouldn't feel like they were leaving our website to view and register for our classes.

"After completing the website redesign, but before launching it live, we contacted Lindsey for an AceWeb makeover. I was amazed at how quickly and beautifully she implemented the new look and feel on our AceWeb interface. It was the easiest part of a very long process for us. We were able to launch the new website with matching registration screens simultaneously. It all works and looks as seamless as we had hoped."

Laura Melendy
Technology Transfer Program

"ACEware has provided hands-down the best technical support that I have ever experienced. If I can't figure it out, Michael, our technician, is always only an email away. Everyone at ACEware is always so willing to help you figure out a problem or how to make something work if you are trying to do something new."

Karen Rankin
University Outreach at Auburn University

"The support is unlike any other in the business! The software is easy to set up and use; very easy to navigate."

Stefanie Keown
Western Kentucky University, Independent Learning

"We are ecstatic with the result (of our makeover) and grateful for your support."

Wendy Greenfield, Executive Director

"Our clients expect us to customize everything we offer. We expect our vendors to do the same. ACEware adapts itself to us - it's a perfect fit!"

Tami Norris
Custom Training Solutions, Northwest State Community College

"Our catalog is prepped in-house. The copy is 'dumped' right out of Student Manager to the layout. It's camera ready, saves money, and allows more time for editing and changes."

Linda Teener
UFM Community Learning Center

"The state auditor likes the Buck Mickel Center and ACEware is the reason. It says a lot about our people and the software that our annual state audit goes so smoothly."

Laura Kinard
Buck Mickel Center, Greenville Technical College

"Student Manager helps us track certificates we know whose CPR certification is about to expire and when they need to attend a class."

Deborah McLaren
Hays Medical Center

"I wish ACEware could redesign all other software to make this much sense! Student Manager is intuitive and user-friendly while still being extremely powerful and customizable - which is a rare combination."

"Student Manager and ACEweb have made our non-credit registration and tracking process faster. We wish you could re-design every other piece of software we work with! We haven't found anything that it can't do."

James Madison University, Outreach and Engagement

"Anytime you can lower a line item in your budget because of your software . . . well, that's significant."

Mt. Airy Learning Tree

"Our participants know about our upcoming programs weeks before the catalog is printed, and they register early."

Augusta State University

"It's in the details where Student Manager really stands out."

Clayton State University