When you install and run Student Manager Reports, it runs as a 30-day "unactivated" version. This version has all of the features of the full-working program, except it only functions for 30 days after running it for the first time and certain output types only output 20 or less records.

If you need more time to evaluate Student Manager Reports, you can request that the demo period be extended by 30 days. You have to provide contact information (name, company, address, and so forth) and an email address to which a 30-day activation code can be emailed. Enter the activation code provided in the appropriate place on the dialog that appears every time you start Student Manager Reports, and you can use the program for 30 days more.

When you purchase Student Manager Reports, choose the "activate" option in the welcome dialog to activate the program. There's nothing new to install and all of the reports you created are still available.

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