If you want to share a template with other people who are not on your network, you can use the Export function in the Template Editor. Select the desired template, click the Export button in the toolbar, and specify the name and location of the export file. Student Manager Reports template export files have an SQT extension.

In addition to Standard and Elegant, Student Manager Reports comes with a number of other templates as template export files in the Sample Templates subdirectory of the program directory. These are automatically imported the first time the application is started but are available in case you delete some templates and later wish to re-import them. To add these, or any other exported template, click the Import button in the Template Editor toolbar and select the files you wish to import. If the import process was successful, the imported templates are added to the template list. If not, an appropriate error message is displayed. If you import a template with the same name as an existing one, you're asked if you want the imported template to overwrite the existing one or be imported with a new name.

New templates provided when you update to a newer version of Student Manager Reports are automatically imported when you run the program.

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