Suppose you normally run the same three reports at the end of every week. It's kind of a pain to select each report one at a time, specify where to output it, and then run it. Instead, create a batch report that combines those three reports and just run it. It automatically runs the three reports, outputting each to the desired destination, such as printer, file, or email. You can even schedule batch reports.

When you run a batch report, it prompts you for all unique ask-at-runtime filter conditions for all reports at the start of the run and uses those values for the conditions in all reports. That way, you aren't asked more than once for the same value.

To create a batch report, follow the steps in the Creating a Report topic. The Batch Report Wizard is shown below.

You can resize the Batch Report Wizard window by clicking the lower right corner of the window and dragging until the window is the desired size. Student Manager Reports remembers the size and position of the Batch Report Wizard and restores it the next time you run it.

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