In Step 3, you specify which field determines the current value and which field or what value determines the target or goal value.

To specify where a field goes, drag its name from the list on the left to the appropriate place at the right. For example, to use the Amount field as the current value field, click it in the list, hold down the mouse button, and move the mouse until it's over the box below the word "Current value," then let go of the mouse.

To remove a field from a place on the report, drag it from the appropriate box back to the list at the left or select it and press the Delete key.

The goal value can either come from a field or from a value. Select Field and drag a field to the box underneath Field to use the specified field. Select Value to enter a value to use for the goal.

To change how a field appears in the report, select it and click the Properties button. This displays the Properties dialog. You can also display this dialog by double-clicking the field or selecting the field and pressing Enter.

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